Manchester United have blown Arsenal’s operating income out of the water.

  • Manchester United break record revenue
  • Red Devils have at least £100m more than any other Premier League team to spend each summer
  • Earn higher revenue than La Liga giants
  • Blow Arsenal’s operating income out of the water

United’s operating income is £224m. That’s more that Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool combined.

The operating income is, in the simplest terms possible, how much profit a club makes before taxes and interest. It takes gross income and then takes away operating expenses, such as wages, leaving you with how much money the club has left over.

According to Editor-In-Chief of, Adam Joseph, the Red Devils have also recorded a record revenue of £594m, which is £58m above even the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This figure means that United have around £100m extra to spend each summer, while still operating within the parameters of financial fair play.

They truly are a financial powerhouse.

For a far more comprehensive explanation from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, read Adam Joseph’s thread on the topic here.