5 positions Arsenal must strengthen before the season starts

In the past, Arsenal have not always been punctual with their transfer dealings.

However, with Wenger having agreed a two year contract, one would suspect that he would have outlined to Kroenke and the board, the positions he wishes to strengthen.

It is under eight weeks until Arsenal meet Chelsea in the Community Shield. Whilst it is always fantastic to get a win over your fiercest rivals, the shield is a glorified friendly – often used to hone any last minute tactics or allow new players to familiarise themselves with the first team.

Wenger doesn’t always assess the team in the same manner as the fans. He sees players day in and day out at the training ground and often believes them to be more capable than fans often give them credit. However, there certainly seems to be a number of obvious areas that Wenger will look to strengthen this summer:


1. A number two goalkeeper

It has been widely reported that David Ospina will be allowed to leave the club this year. Following two years as the cup keeper, one can understand that he would prefer to play more regularly. Wenger has a number of options from which to choose from.

Firstly, he could promote Emi Martinez to number two and rumour has it this is the plan.

The inexperienced goalkeeper is a solid shot-stopper with dependable feet and hands. His promotion to number two would allow Wenger to play Cech in the Premier League and Champions League rather than retaining a more experienced second keeper through the incentive of Champions League and domestic cup football.

His second option could be the return of Szczęsny. The Pole has been in exile for two years following a foolish incident in the club’s changing rooms. However, having kept the most clean sheets in Italy last season, Szczęsny’s stock has risen with Juventus reportedly interested in the Pole. If Wenger was to grant the keeper a return, the Arsenal boss would face a tough decision between the Pole and the Czech for the number one shirt.

Unfortunately Szczęsny’s return may be subject to Gerry Peyton’s willingness to work with the keeper. Reports have suggested that the two fell out with each other prior to Szczęsny’s loan. If this is the case, Wenger may opt to bring in a keeper, someone who is young enough to not immediately desire first team football whilst Cech is at the club but with enough potential to fill in when the Czech keeper is out.