With Arsenal reportedly close to agreeing a deal for Alexandre Lacazette, here are four reasons why he’d be exactly what Arsenal need.

According to reports, Arsenal are hoping to agree a deal with Lyon for Alexandre Lacazette this week.

Lacazette has long been touted as the solution to Arsenal’s problems up front, with neither Olivier Giroud or Danny Welbeck convincing fans that they’re capable of leading Arsenal to major honours.

Now with the 26-year-old reportedly close to joining the club, we take a look at the key attributes he’ll bring to the team.

1. He’s a prolific goalscorer

Lacazette has scored 129 goals in 275 appearances for Lyon, with 113 of those goals scored in his last four seasons.

He’s bagged more than 20 league goals in each of his last three seasons, something that neither Giroud or Welbeck have managed to do yet in their Arsenal careers.

He has remarkable composure in front of goal, capable of snapping up any chance that comes his way in the penalty area.

Such ability is exactly what Arsenal needs to swing tight matches in their favour.

2. He’s mobile

A common complaint with Giroud is his lack of mobility.

While he’s very much a danger inside the penalty area, his inability to stretch defences or run away from a defender can limit Arsenal’s attack.

Welbeck is capable of this, but lacks the composure in front goal to make it truly worthwhile.

Lacazette marries the two. His pace enables him to run in behind and stretch defences, while he can also finish off chances his movement helps create.

3. He’s an excellent passer

For a centre forward, Lacazette possesses excellent passing ability.

The timing and weight of his passes enables him to split defences and create chances for his team-mate.

This will be a considerable boon to Arsenal, who have always preferred to have a striker capable of creating chances as well as scoring them.

Lacazette’s technical ability means he should fit into Arsenal’s preferred style of play without any issues.

4. He’s reasonably priced

It’s perhaps not the most important thing to fans, but the proposed £44m transfer fee for Lacazette looks more than reasonable in the current transfer market.

With some strikers commanding fees closer to £100m, Lacazette looks excellent value for money.

Arsenal could sign a consistent and prolific striker while still having money left over to strengthen other areas of the team.