Arsene Wenger has called Granit Xhaka a ‘success’ after adapting to the Premier League, life in a new country against a media backdrop that has given him zero room for error.

Xhaka arrived in England with a reputation for being a trouble-maker on the pitch, a undeserved one as we showed here. Since signing, he has been heavily criticised by many in the media with some even saying is move has been a failure.

But Arsene Wenger, the man who works with him on a daily basis after shelling out over £30m for him, doesn’t agree.

“He has adapted, and become stronger and stronger throughout the season,”],” Wenger told Arsenal player in an exclusive interview. “I think today you can say he is a success because he is getting stronger in every single game, and also he has a good, consistent focus. I believe this is a very important quality.

“He turns up every day in training with full commitment. He has a very good focus, every single day – which you can say about all of our midfielders. He never misses a training session and that’s certainly why he has improved throughout the season.

“When we play at home especially, and you are dominating the games, it’s important to have someone who can pass from deep areas through the lines. We looked for someone who could do that.”

Xhaka has impressed many with his displays recently and has shown great character to avoid allowing the negativity around him to get inside his head.

Substituted twice due to injury in recent games, his quick return is testament to his dedication and he’s already become a firm favourite with a large section of the Arsenal fanbase.