So. It finally happened. I guess it had to at some point. I mean, if we were to award a north London title, Arsenal have won 21 in a row.

Wait around long enough, and even a side like Leicester can win the Premier League.

And here we are.

Arsenal fans are condemned to spend the next 12 months knowing that they finished below Tottenham, the ultimate indignity in a season that has provided plenty of competition for that title.

In order to cope, we were going to devise a few strategies that should get you through. Instead, we asked Arsenal fans on Twitter how they would be dealing with it all.

You are free to follow, or not follow, their advice.

Firs up, our input:

Ask every Tottenham fan you meet when the DVD is out

The biggest problem you are likely to face is mouthy Spurs fans who think that this one season makes up for a lifetime of humiliation at the hands of Arsenal. It doesn’t. Ask them when they are releasing a DVD of their best ever Premier League season.

When they say they aren’t releasing one, ask them if they want to borrow your copy of Arsenal winning the league at White Hart Lane. Twice.

And for the fans: