Olivier Giroud recently spoke at Sciences-Po about his humanitarian work.

  • Giroud’s been working with Monaco Collectif humanitaire, which helps sick children
  • In 2013 Giroud stripped naked for Dieux du Stade, a French charity calendar featuring naked sportsmen
  • Striker claims that footballers have big hearts

When talking with Le Parisien, Giroud was very keen to stress the fact that he’s not just a pretty face and that footballs aren’t just about the ‘bling-bling’.

The striker spoke about his work with Monaco Collectif humanitaire, which helps sick children, and insisted that although footballs do make mistakes (no kidding), they have big hearts.

“It is full of clichés. It is a bit disappointing,” the France intentional admitted at the Sciences-Po – Paris Institute of Political Studies – recently.

“Of course, we are not perfect and we make mistakes. But we are also involved in humanitarian operations.

“I have chosen to help the Monaco Collectif humanitaire.

“You can not believe that the player is just bling-bling, beautiful cars and social evenings. There is a hidden heart behind a footballer. It is not necessarily reported. But I am proud to help this association, which deals in particular with sick children.

“Maybe because I became a family man four years ago. I have always been touched by children who need care, especially cardiac, which is impossible to receive in their country of origin. It’s beautiful to offer this second chance.”

The 30-year-old went on to explain how although a lot of footballs’ humanitarian projects aren’t reported in the media, it’s important for them to be shown to be using their privileged to help others.

This isn’t necessarily for personal gratification, but to show others who look up to them what it means.

“Many young people identify with us because we practice a popular and universal sport,” he said.

“It is normal, in turn, to set an example. We have to take people’s expectations. We are watched and we must be exemplary. This is not always obvious.

“That is why I am glad that, for once, in this amphitheater of Sciences-Po, we show another side of our profession. The best. And if it could encourage other footballers to imitate me, it would be great. There are a lot of associative projects that need help.”