Cesc Fabregas gave what many will see as an unusual answer when asked which footballer he would like to switch bodies with at a recent Q&A.

  • Fabregas runs 28.73km/h – slow than Giroud at 29.19km/h
  • Theo and Cesc played together at Arsenal from 2006 to 2011
  • Chelsea playmaker would love to know how it feels to run as fast as Theo

Fabregas is best known for his ability to pick a pass through the eye of a needle and create a beautiful bit of play from nothing.

However, he’s not the fastest player. In fact, he’s actually slower than Olivier Giroud.

Therefore, when asked as a recent Q&A for Carabao which player he would like to switch bodies with, the Chelsea playmaker named one of his ex-teammates at Arsenal: Theo Walcott.

“Someone where they give you a long ball and you just pass the players. I’ve never had this feeling unfortunately!” He said.

“I would really like to have felt what it would be like to be a Theo Walcott.

“I remember at Arsenal I used to pass him the ball over the top and I knew he could get there whatever it takes.

“To have this feeling, to be so superior on the long runs and pass everyone – I would have loved that.”