A Jeremy Corbyn banner, which made headlines after featuring during Liverpool’s draw with Southampton this month, is set to make another appearance during this weekend’s final round of Premier League fixtures.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the banner will appear as Everton travel to north London on Sunday afternoon.

Labour leader Corbyn himself has previously confirmed he supports Arsenal, so the 67-year-old MP is likely to get a positive reception if he also makes an appearance at the Emirates.

The banner sparked debate with some questioning if politics and football should mix, though many others showed their appreciation for the decision by campaign group Blacklist – who also displayed symbols of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and other social justice movements.

Roy Bentham of the Blacklist group was quoted as saying, “The reaction when we put first put it up at Anfield was huge – and mainly positive. There was some good mannered debate and not everyone agreed with it, but it is getting people talking about politics which is great.

Mr Bentham has been in contact with Dave Kelly, who is chair of the Everton supporters group Blue Union, and some of Arsenal’s supporter groups.

We will definitely be displaying it outside the Emirates and are hoping we can put it on show inside the ground – but these things can be tricky to organise. The banner is very much in demand and so it should be – social justice is very relevant right now with an election ahead of us,” he continued.

We are not sure if Jeremy will be at the match on Sunday but obviously I would be honoured if he could see it or even stand with us.