14th time lucky, eh?

A lot will be made of Arsene Wenger finally being able to get one over his long time rival and nemesis, Jose Mourinho, but in truth, this match was less about the result and more about how much Manchester United did to secure a 0-0, and how Arsenal were fortunate in the manner of which they broke the deadlock.

Make no mistake, this was not a poor performance from the Gunners, but with Mesut Özil and Alexis both choosing to play 40 yards from goal, it was either going to take a moment of genius to break the deadlock, or a fluke.

With Arsenal’s two best players looking to play others into dangerous positions, the former was a long shot.

Luckily for Arsenal, the latter was also a long shot.

After scoring, Arsenal pressed for a second, and were rewarded for their endeavour, even if Chris Smalling looked like he was watching a UFO fly above his head as he tried to clear Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s cross.

So often, it’s been the home team that has made such a basic error leading to a goal, so it was nice to see the shoe on the other foot for once.

If this result happened in November, it would have been hugely encouraging.

Aaron Ramsey is, at least in glimpses, getting back to his marauding 2013-14 form.

Rob Holding, again, doesn’t look out of place as a Premier League centre back.

Alexis is in full diva mode.

Granit Xhaka finally looks comfortable with the pace of the game, and loves using his left foot as a sand wedge to pick out one of our wing-backs.

There are plenty of positives to take from a result like this, it just begs the question why it took so long to put those players in a position to play like this in the first place.

Still, better late than never.