Arsenal have banked over £17m more than Tottenham this season; here’s why.

  • Numerous factors calculate money given to Champions League competitors
  • The further a team goes, the more they get
  • Leicester City bank the most (£66m) this season
  • Arsenal bank £9m more than Spurs

The money clubs receive from their involvement in the Champions League isn’t set at a flat rate. It depends how high the team finished the previous season and how far they go in the European trophy during this campaign.

Don’t think of it as only prize money for making it to, and competing in, the Champions League, think of it as a reward for the number of games played.

For example, this season, last year’s top four – Leicester, Arsenal, Spurs and Manchester City – all received £10.76m for making it to the Champions League.

Teams are then apparently given a further £1.3m for every group win, and £400,000 for every group stage draw, and any teams that make the final 16 are handed another £5m.

Despite crashing out to Bayern Munich (again), Arsenal made it to the last 16 of the competition and therefore got £12.2m in prize money while Spurs, who didn’t progress from the group stages, only received £3.56m.

The Gunners also received almost £9m more in TV money than their north London rivals due to finishing second compared to Spurs’ second.

Overall, Arsenal have banked £53m this season, while Spurs have received £35m.