Arsenal beat Chelsea at Wembley with a great display and, to a man, everybody performed excellently.

1Nobody gave us a chance.

I certainly didn’t give us much of one and spent most of the day not that bothered about the fact we were about to play in and FA Cup final. I’d made my peace with the fact we were probably going to lose. The small, stupid optimist that lives inside me wasn’t so sure, but he’s mostly been battered into submission this season.

Boy, did Arsenal prove us all wrong.

Putting in their best performance of the season, apart from the first time they played Chelsea, they owned the FA Cup final from start to finish.

The margin was tight but it shouldn’t have been.

Goalline clearances and the post kept Chelsea in it far longer than they deserved. In fact, we were playing so well you couldn’t help but fear something monumentally stupid would happen in the second half to rob us of a victory.

But it never came.

Here are the player ratings…