Spurs midfielder, Victor Wanyama, reckons that Arsenal were ‘lucky’ that Mousa Dembele didn’t start during the North London Derby on Sunday.

  • Dembele won most take-ons for Spurs this season
  • Has impressive pass success rate
  • Wanyama reckons score could have been higher if Dembele had started

Dembele was ‘there’ on Sunday but only featured for 11 minutes at the end of the 2-0 Spurs win.

Fellow midfielder, Wanyama, is convinced that if he’d been on the pitch longer, Arsenal could have lost by more.

“We showed who was the better team and who was the fitter team. We are fit, we knew we would wear them out come the second half,” he told Spurs’ official website.

“We kept on pushing them and we smelled some good opportunities. We knew that if we kept on pushing them like that, we would have a good performance and we did by the end of the game.

“Mousa is a good player. I think they are lucky that Mousa was not there because if Mousa was there it would be different – it could have been even better!”

Indeed, according to Squawka, Dembele has won the most take-ons (67) and tackles per match (2.08) than any other Spurs player and has an impressive pass success rate of 92%.

Saying this, Wanyama completed 44/50 passes during the last North London Derby at White Hart Lane, 18/19 of which were in the final third, created three chances, won two out of four take-ons, 11 ball recoveries, two out of five tackles, three interceptions and made three clearances.

Therefore, he didn’t do too badly at making Arsenal look poor himself.