Despite not being obvious rivals in terms of location or league position, Arsenal and Stoke fans hate each other.

To outsiders, the bitter rivalry probably seems a little random and a bit dramatic.

However, to Stokies and Gooners, they have every reason to despise the other.

Here are the five main reasons why they do.

Stoke get promoted and beat Arsenal 2-1

In 2008, Stoke were promoted to the Premier League and proceeded to beat Arsenal 2-1 when the Gunners traveled to the Britannia in November.

The match wasn’t played in a way Arsenal were used to with plenty of crunching tackles, hoofs of the ball and long throws from Rory Delap.

Arsene Wenger slated Stoke post-match, which the fans obviously didn’t take too kindly to.

Meanwhile, Gooners were bitter because they’d been beaten by a brand of football they didn’t like.

“The only intention is to hurt you and I can show some tackles where I can prove what I say,” Wenger said after the game.

Shawcross breaks Ramsey’s leg

In 2010, Ryan Shawcross put his foot through Aaron Ramsey’s leg.

It was an horrific injury that many are sure the midfielder never fully recovered from and that Arsenal fans have never forgiven Shawcross for.

Stoke fans have continued to boo Ramsey at every chance, arguing that they’re entitled to because the Wales international apparently didn’t accept Shawcross’ apology…

“The tackle from Shawcross was horrendous,” Wenger said after the game.

“Spare me how nice he is. Did you see where the injury is? It is not acceptable. That is not football for me and I refuse to live with it. The FA have to act.”

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

When Wenger compared Stoke to a rugby team in 2010, he probably didn’t realise that this criticism would be used against him by Stokies during every meeting.

“It is more rugby on goalkeepers than football,” said Arsene Wenger when asked about a challenge Shawcross had made on Spurs’ Heurelho Gomes.

“When you see the way Shawcross kicked Heurelho Gomes, how Robert Huth pushed Gomes in the goal, you cannot say that is football anymore.”

Stoke Manager at the time, Tony Pulis, bit back, “What he has said about Ryan is very, very poor.”

Ever since, not a single Arsenal v Stoke clash goes by without the Potters singing the rugby anthem, ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’, or chanting ‘1-0 to the rugby team’.

Wenger becomes Stoke fan hate figure

In 2012, for some reason, Stoke fans’ hatred towards Wenger appeared to grow as the home crowd incessantly mocked the Frenchman during Arsenal’s trip to the Britannia.

In the background, you could see fans shouting abuse at the manager and mimicking his arm motions.

I guess they have to keep themselves amused somehow.

Mark Hughes

When Hughes took over from Pulis in 2014, Gooners knew that the hatred between their two clubs wasn’t going to die down any time soon.

In fact, when Wenger mentioned the abuse his team was still receiving after Stoke beat Arsenal 3-2, Hughes said, “Stick your fingers in your ear if you don’t want to hear it. As an experienced manager, it shouldn’t affect you too much anyway.”