Robert Pires has defended Mesut Ozil against the unfair treatment he’s received in the press.

  • Ozil has scored 11 and assisted same amount this season
  • Pires addresses fans calling Ozil ‘lazy’
  • Insists players can’t be at the top level for 10 months

Ozil has been described as lazy numerous times since signing for Arsenal in 2013 but this season has been particularly bad.

Similar to Aaron Ramsey, the playmaker is often used as a scapegoat when Arsenal haven’t performed, which is both unfair and completely wrong.

Anyone who watches Ozil play knows exactly how much he contributes to the team, even when he’s not completely switched on.

Pires, who often trains alongside the German at London Colney, has slammed Ozil’s critics and insists that the 28-year-old is far from lazy.

“I think the treatment of Mesut is wrong,” the Invincible told bwin.

“Of course footballers will get criticism, but I think the criticism towards him has been over the top.

“Mesut Ozil is an incredibly important footballer for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and the team.

“One thing I want to pick up on is fans calling Mesut Ozil is lazy. Seriously, it’s crazy – this is a massive misconception. He wants to work hard, he wants to do the dirty work for the team because he’s a winner. I don’t agree with fans who make these claims.

“Everyone knows that Mesut Ozil is a world class player but sometimes you play well and sometimes you don’t and I think too much is made of when he doesn’t play well. It’s impossible to play on the same level for 10 months, trust me.”

Arsenal fans in general love Ozil and it’s worrying that a select few, as well as the media, might be affecting his confidence. He’s a big boy though; hopefully he can return to the form he was in earlier in the season.