In his new autobiography, Gunning for Greatness: My Life, Mesut Ozil revealed how much the song the Arsenal fans sing for him means.

  • Ozil’s autobiography, Gunning for Greatness: My Life, was released 20 April
  • Never had personal ‘mini-anthem’ before
  • When fans sing to him, it makes him feeling taller

When the fans sing Ozil’s song, the playmaker feels as if he grows taller. With it, his confidence and desire to help the team also apparently gets greater.

“They created a special song for me, which they sang in the stadium and also in the London Underground,” the 28-year-old writes in his book, Gunning for Greatness: My Life, which was released on 20 April.

“It goes: ‘We’ve got Ozil, Mesut Ozil/I just don’t think you understand/He’s Arsene Wenger’s man/He’s better than Zidane/We’ve got Mesut Ozil.”

“The first time I heard this I couldn’t believe my ears. When thousands of people are singing for you, you get overcome with happiness.

“I loved the Schalke fans. I was crazy for the Bremen supporters. The Madrilenians regularly made my hair stand on end. But I’d never had my own personal mini-anthem before.

“Whenever I hear the song I feel as if I’ve grown. As if I’m not just 1.80m but am towering above people who are 1.90. My shoulders grow broader. My head becomes clearer. And the desire to be part of Arsenal’s next victory just becomes greater.

“Just once I’d love to go on a tube train where thousands of fans are singing my song without anyone knowing who I am.

With Ozil’s Arsenal contract set to run out at the end of next season, rumours over his future are rife. Some say he’ll stay, many say he’ll leave. However, what is clear is that he loves London, the club, Arsene Wenger, and the fans massively.

Holding grateful for Wenger's faith with FA Cup final looming

Likewise, most Gooners know exactly what the German international brings to the team and he’s probably the only player most would describe as completely irreplaceable.

Ozil took a chance on Arsenal back in 2013. Signing him was a statement. Gooners will always be grateful and his song reflects their unwavering admiration.