Only Chelsea have been better at converting shots to goals this season than Arsenal.

Considering how devoid of ideas the Gunners have looked this season, it’s hard to believe that they’ve got the second-best shot conversion rate in the entire Premier League at 14%.

The only team with higher is Chelsea (14.3%), which stands to reason as they’re clear at the top of the league by seven points.

However, it seems that a team’s league position has nothing to do with how clinical they are in front of goal.

Spurs, who are second in the league, are way down in eighth when it comes to shot conversion (11.6%). They’ve also attempted the most shots in the league this season: 518.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are in 17th! Although they’re sixth in the league, they only managed to convert 8.6% of their shots.

So, what does this mean? While Arsenal have attempted 436 shots, one more than Chelsea, they’ve let in 36 goals. The only team out of the entire top seven to let in more is Liverpool (39).

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