Laurent Koscielny claims that Arsenal and Spurs are pretty similar in terms of quality but in different ways.

  • Kos thinks Arsenal have good system
  • Hails Spurs’ squad
  • Arsenal 14 points below Spurs

Kos believes that while Spurs will finish in the top four and have a strong squad, Arsenal have a system that works.

“I think they have a very good squad, the coach does a very good job with the team,” the centre-back told Sky Sports.

“They are a young team, but now with two years playing together I think they’ve improved in the Premier League. They show they are a big team and can finish in the top four.

“I think they have different players to us. For us we have a system, we like to have possession and keep the ball. They have some players who can run a lot and do it different. I think the quality of the teams are the same.”

Tottenham are set to finish above Arsenal for the first time in 22 years this season and the players will be more than aware of this. Particularly the ones that have been at the club, are English or have followed English football for a number of years.

This is a big deal and no matter what anyone says, it’s a blow.

Kos can only say so much during interviews and he has to at least publicly look as if he backs the team he leads. I get it.

But Arsenal have been well below the quality of Spurs this season. They look promising and gel well as a team, rather than Arsenal who have a couple of stars combined with a bunch of mediocre players who amble along behind them.

The thing is, the Gunners have shown they’re capable of beating the best. Back at the beginning of the season, Arsenal tore Chelsea apart 3-0 at the Emirates – it was beautiful. At the time, they were title rivals.

What happened?