Arsenal have reportedly agreed a deal to sell David Ospina to Fenerbahce… for the third time.

  • Ospina unhappy being no.2
  • Contract expires in 2019
  • Fenerbahce willing to pay £6m for goalkeeper
  • Media announce deal for third time

Earlier in the month, the media claimed that Arsenal had accepted an offered from the Turkish club for Ospina, around the same time he was ruled out with a back injury after a fall against Manchester City.

At the time, the S*n claimed that it was for £6m.

However, nothing was confirmed either way.

A couple of weeks later, Arsenal were said to have agreed a €7m deal with Fenerbahce again, which is indeed just under the £6m previously reported.

Again, nothing materialised.

Skip forward a week and the Gunners have once again ‘come to an agreement’ with the Turkish side for their Colombian goalkeeper, according to the S*n. Again, for £6m.

While it’s very likely that Ospina is off in the search of regular first team football this summer and probably will be heading to Turkey, this constant stream of ‘announcements’ that Arsenal have already agreed a deal with Fenerbahce are getting more than a little tedious.

Or at least make up an additional detail to keep us entertained.