With reports circulating that Arsenal have offered Alexis Sanchez £300k per week, I take a look at what exactly the Chilean could buy every week.

£300k is a lot of money; more than most people could expect to earn in a lifetime. It’s more than any other player in the Premier League is paid per week, which, when you consider Arsenal’s wage structure, is shocking.

Of course, despite allowing himself a cheeky smile during his recent press conference, Arsene Wenger denies that Arsenal would completely smash their wage structure for one player.

What’s more is that although reports are still claiming that Arsenal have offered Alexis this mega-deal worth £300k per week, others say that he’s turned down a new contract because it wasn’t enough money.

Rather than speculate any further on whether Alexis is or isn’t staying at Arsenal and whether the club have or haven’t offered him this huge amount of money, I decided to take a look at what the forward could hypothetically buy every single week.

8. A very average London apartment

The newly rich Alexis wouldn’t have to struggle sofa-surfing or renting tiny studio apartments where your bathroom and kitchen and more or less the same thing – as I’m sure he does at the moment.

Oh no, he could outright buy a new mediocre-looking London apartment every single week!

7. A bad-ass car

The 28-year-old could buy himself a swanky car. For example, the Rolls-Royce Wraith is a steal at just £235k. So, he could buy one of those AND have change left over for a fluffy dice or two every single week.

Of course, if he wants to be a good boy and save up his earnings for a month or so, he could afford a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport for £1.4m. And then buy 11 more during the course of the year.

6. A gorilla

A real, live gorilla apparently costs around $400k – around £312k.

It’s obviously highly illegal and cruel to own one as a pet but… Alexis COULD if he wants. Although I imagine he doesn’t want anymore trouble with the police…

5. Shorts

Arsenal shorts are only £25 from the online shop. Alexis could buy 12k new pairs of shorts every week! Considering none of his current supply look as if they fit him, it will be liberating for the forward to be able to afford new clothes.

4. “Double Fantasy” by John Lennon

Lennon’s final album was a collaboration with Yoko Ono. It was released just three weeks before his death.

It’s now worth $525k. So, Alexis could buy one of these every two weeks with change left over. Not that there are probably enough to buy one every two weeks.

Would Alexis want this? Who knows. But he COULD.

3. Britney Spears

Apparently, it costs around $500k (£312k) to hire Britney Spears to sing at your event or festival. Alexis could hire her every single week if he wanted to!

2. A helicopter

A Robinson R-44 Raven II costs around $415,000 a week so Alexis could snap one up every week no problem. I’m sure it would make navigating London traffic a bit easier.

1. Bums on seats

Alexis could afford to pay for around 150 Arsenal fans’ season tickets every week. That should fill the Emirates up a bit…