Granit Xhaka believes that Arsenal are not too far away from Bayern Munich despite losing 10-2 to them this season in the Champions League and he’s heard nothing from them about their rumoured interest.

In an interview with the Swiss publication, Blick, Xhaka was asked about that nightmare – and quite a bit more.

First up, how did it feel losing 5-1 against Bayern twice?

“Very bad”.

Is Arsenal so far from Bayern Munich?

“No, not at all.”

But the two clubs are not on the same level?

“Hmm…from my point of view…”

Arsenal is as good as Bayern? A bold statement according to the results. Not too brave? 

“Bold, yes. But I feel so.

“And I am annoyed by the defeats mainly because I have good memories of Bavaria. We were able to beat the Munich team three times with Gladbach . And I do not think Gladbach is on par with Arsenal. So…”

He was then asked about the rumoured interest of Bayern Munich in him

“… I’ve also read it. But I heard nothing.”

Mezut Özil or Alexis Sanchez? Who is the best footballer you’ve ever played with?
“If I say Ozil, Sanchez is angry and vice versa. But the two are certainly the best. They have incredible quality!”

After the hard public criticism, do you really feel the full retreat of coach Arsène Wenger and the club? 
“Definitely! For me it was a very important signal that I was back in the start-up after my second red card and the four locks against Bayern. I did not expect that myself. Since then I play. That makes me stronger. This shows me that the coach trusted me.”

Wenger himself is currently being critically criticized. He will soon announce whether he will go on or leave. Do you know what he’s up to?