The Sunday Express are today reporting that Arsene Wenger will sign a new one-year deal to remain at Arsenal.

It it worth stating right up front that the Express and EXCLUSIVES are not often reliable bedfellows.

This report comes on the back of Arsene Wenger saying that he has made a decision about his future and that he would let people know ‘very soon’.

Although Wenger will have to make a decision sooner rather than later, I did wonder if his comments after the West Brom debacle were just to throw pressure off the team who performed so woefully. Of course, all the talk is about Wenger and there is very little about how the players are simply not doing enough – for whatever reason. They are highly-paid professionals and we should rightfully demand more from them, even if they have decided it’s time for Wenger to go.

A two-year deal has been waiting on Wenger’s signature for some time but a one-year deal would make more sense. It would allow the club and Wenger time to plan for what happens when he leaves. You’d like to think they’d done a lot of that planning already but, you know, the Arsenal board live in a world where Arsene Wenger reigns forever without ever ageing.