Arsene Wenger ‘revolted’ by officials as Arsenal crash against Bayern Munich

Arsene Wenger did not hold back after the game against Bayern Munich which saw his side punished by some absolutely awful refereeing.

Of course, just because Arsenal were denied a penalty, had one given against them for a dive and a player sent off thanks to the same official who refused to give Arsenal a penalty, that doesn’t mean they had to collapse they way they did. But it was still bound to have an impact, especially when we didn’t replace Koscielny. By moving Xhaka into centreback, we ruined our midfield set-up and suddenly Batyern Munich’s wings came into play for the first time in the game.

As you can hear in the video above, Arsene Wenger was not best pleased at all. He now faces a UEFA ban for his comments. That in itself is ridiculous because Wenger didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

Below is his post-match press conference. He hadn’t calmed down much for this either: