We all know any Arsene Wenger news is controversial news these days, but the latest is bringing out crazy reactions from fans.

Two French fans have reacted badly to the gossip that Arsene had verbally agreed a new two-year deal.

The first one says: “Damn, I am going to blow myself up at the Emirates Stadium”


And his mate’s answer who wants to follow suit is even better: “I am going to the corporate seats and you go to the dressing room. It will be a massacre.”

Those kind of over the top reactions are unfortunately not a surprise. There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger’s tenure should end in June for the good of the club. But that kind of stupidity is way beyond the Arsenal Fan TV kind off stuff.

At least, you can hope that the current security set up at the Emirates would prevent something like this from happening. Although if I remember well, we have seen flares in the away fans’ section recently.

The terrorist threat is definitely something that cannot be underestimated in London and While the WOB have the right to complain about the club’s situation, threatening to bomb the Emirates Stadium is just pure stupidity.