Arsene Wenger has hit out at his critics, claiming that ‘nothing is good enough’ in the eyes of some people and judging by the snide reactions of some in the media to the weekend’s result, he has a point.

Arsenal went into the game knowing that only a comprehensive win against Lincoln City would do. Anything else and they would be facing increased criticism. So, when they put five past the non-league side, without reply and without really breaking a sweat, it was job done.

Of course, some journalists couldn’t help themselves after the game. There was no way they would allow Arsenal fans to enjoy a decent win after a tough few weeks:

There were more, but I can’t be bothered looking for them before I’ve had a gallon of coffee.

“You have to accept that nothing is good enough, you have to live with that,” said Wenger after the win over Lincoln.

“People brainwash you with what they think is right.

“It is interesting when you see all the conclusions that come out of the game.

“And the same people that speak after the game said with 10 minutes to go that PSG were absolutely outstanding.

“Ten minutes later, they are absolutely rubbish. It is always interesting to take a distance. To get out of that heated atmosphere and look at things in an objective way.

“Sometimes it confirms what people say. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s down to me to take the right distance. People are right and people are wrong as well.

“I managed about 2,000 games. I might know a little bit about the game as well.

“The importance of the game has become bigger.

“You cannot escape any more. When you’re a football player, even if you don’t read, they tell you what people say. 

“Maybe 30 years ago, the guy who lost a game has one journalist who went with the players to the pub and had a beer and sometimes two or three or four or five more. 

“The world has changed. But no matter what happens in the future, you always have to lose games. 

“I cannot guarantee we will win all the games. We are in the semi-final of the FA Cup. How many times have we been?”

Well, this win makes Arsene Wenger’s own FA Cup semi final total 11 (for comparison, Spurs, who beat Millwall on Sunday made it 20 in their history).