Arsene Wenger reckons that Arsenal gave a ‘top-level performance’ against Bayern Munich at the Emirates on Tuesday despite losing 5-1, 10-2 on aggregate.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup clash against Lincoln, Wenger claimed that there’s nothing negatively affecting the players or their performances at the moment, pointing to the Bayern game as an example.

“No, I think we had a top-level performance in the game against Bayern,” he said. “It’s part of the game that things didn’t go for us, but overall, I think no.”

While many may cringe at this comment, Arsenal did actually play pretty well, especially in the first half against the Bundesliga giants and the referee did give – or not give, as the case may be – some bizarre calls.

However, the team still capitulated and there was a reason they were already 5-1 down on aggregate heading into the second leg of the tie. As valid as Wenger’s comments on the officiated are, using that as an example of how unaffected the players are by everything isn’t exactly useful.

Saying this, he would never come out and say that, yes, his players are affected, they look as if they won’t play for him anymore and half of them reportedly want to leave.