Arsenal put in yet another weak performance and paid for it with all the points as the Baggies won 3-1.

Mohamed Elneny returned to the bench, Mesut Ozil and Lucas missed out completely with injuries of their own and Per Mertesacker was named on a Premier League bench for the first time this season.

Danny Welbeck started back-to-back games for the first time since his return.

The game, was, as expected. A lot of possession, not a lot else going on. Except defensive mistakes. There were lots of those. And planes. And fouls. And moaning…

0-10 minutes

For most of the first 10 minutes, people were talking about the banner and how embarrassing it was.

10-20 minutes

Yes, we were back to talking about banners again, thankfully, the action on the pitch slowed down to allow us to do so uninterrupted.


30-40 minutes

40-45 minutes

Second half

45-55 minutes

55-65 minutes

65-75 minutes

75-85 minutes

85-90 minutes