Speaking ahead of Spurs’ FA Cup clash with Millwall, Mauricio Pochettino said that Arsene Wenger doesn’t need his sympathy.

Wenger has been plagued with criticism for years and this season it feels as if the boss is reaching breaking point, leading many to believe he really is leaving in the summer.

When asked about the situation at Arsenal, Pochettino seemed perplexed about why he was getting asked in the first place, stating how much he respects Wenger but pointing out how ultimately it doesn’t matter how he feels.

If he was to find himself in a similar position down the line, he said, he wouldn’t want other managers feeling sorry for him.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the fans and the club,” the Spurs boss said.

“He’s my colleague.

“It’s football. I know the business and I’d never expect my colleagues to feel sorry for me. If one day I find myself in the same position, that’s business.

“It’s not about feeling sorry or not feeling sorry, my feelings and emotions are not important. I have respect for him and I admire him as a manager, and after 20 years, manager of Arsenal.

“But my opinion is not important, my feelings are not important, my emotions are not important. I have a lot to do here, to care about my club, the fans, my players. I have to look after myself. We’re in a difficult position because to be a coach or manager is not an easy task.”

Like Pochettino, it’s doubtful that Wenger would be comfortable with other managers feeling sorry for him. He’s always conducted himself with class and isn’t the type to welcome pity. As Arsenal fans, it’s often hard to watch his troubled expression and spiky demeanor but that often comes from a place of concern, not pity.