Arsenal were robbed of the chance to play on a level playing field against Bayern Munich as the referee sent off Laurent Koscielny while handing the visitors a penalty.

The team news before the game was as good as you could expect. Many wanted Lucas instead of Theo Walcott or Kieran Gibbs instead of Nacho Monreal, but for the most part fans were happy.

Of course, that didn’t last. Danny Welbeck was ill in the warm up and Arsenal have to replace him. Wenger turned to Olivier Giroud and Arsenal started the game with just six subs, a game plan dented and an attacking option shorn from the bench. You would never have known it.

Arsenal were by far the better of the teams, but after denying the home side a stonewall penalty in the first half, the same extra official ensured Laurent Kocielny was sent off for the mildest pushes on Lewandowki. The new rules state that the officials have to deem it an action without intention to win the ball to warrant a red when a penalty is given. It was soft, to say the least, and killed the tiniest glimmer of hope Arsenal still carried.

Here are the best tweets that I came across as the match developed

0 – 10 mins

10-20 minutes

20-30 minutes

30-40 minutes

40-45 minutes

2nd half

45-55 minutes

55-65 minutes

65-75 minutes

75-85 minutes

85-90 minutes

In the end, it was as we all expected – an admirable effort after too much damage in the first leg coupled with a seriously dodgy refereeing performance. Next up, Lincoln City.