According to CIES’ football observatory ratings, Alexis Sanchez is a lot better at shooting than Barcelona’s Neymar.

The CIES have used stats from 1000 minutes of football this year to create ratings based on technical analysis of performance.

All players from the top five Leagues who’ve played at least 360 minutes have been included and their profiles make a fascinating read.

Looking at the Arsenal players, interestingly, our very own Alexis Sanchez scores 88/100 for shooting, whereas Barca superstar Neymar, who’s generated €87m in transfer fees after playing for only two clubs, scores 65/100.

Another telling part of the analysis is that Alexis has played far more games than a 28-year-old at the top level usually has.

The average 28-year-old footballer has usually played in 260 matches by this stage – Alexis has played in 378.

Even at the age of 18, the average player has played in just 18 games – Alexis had played in 76.

This shows that he’s always been talented, always pushed himself and has been at the top level for a long time.