Sky Sports claim they’re open to holding talks with fan groups over fixture changes.

Certain fan groups are pushing for talks with Premier League bosses over fixture changes, which see supporters sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles to watch their team at an inconvenient time.

While the Premier League is the head honcho when it comes to fixtures, TV broadcasters also have a say and Sky Sports’ head of football, Gary Hughes, claims they’re open to the idea of listening to what the fans want.

“We welcome this conversation with supporters about travelling to away matches and understanding the issues they face,” he said.

“It has also been helpful to outline the process we go through to select live fixtures, and the contractual obligations that ensure every club and every ground is featured regularly across the various slots we can schedule matches in. We have listened to the feedback, will continue to do so and widen this dialogue in future.”

On April 17, Arsenal have to travel to Middlesbrough on a Monday night, when the last train from ‘Boro to Kings Cross leaves at 20:56 (and arrives at 1:03am). That means that the away fans have to travel around 250 miles for the first half and leave, or they’re forced to either spend the night at the train station or spend more money on a hotel.

Hopefully, the Premier League bosses are as open to talks about the fixture schedule as Sky Sports are.