Well, that was embarrassing, and it had all looked so promising in the first half.

Arsenal suffered their biggest home defeat since we moved to the Emirates and the biggest ever margin of defeat in Champions League for an English club. The numbers are horrible, but our play wasn’t. Well, until the officials got involved.

David Ospina – 5

Dave conceded 5 goals tonight, as many as he did in Munich but this time because of his poor defence. He was decent, made some good saves and couldn’t do anything for any of their goals. I don’t think Cech would have done any better.

Hector Bellerin – 5

Hector needs to cut his hair. Against Bayern, he looked better than he has done lately, at least when he was going forward as he linked up well with Theo. It all ended in second half though, and he’s to blame for fifth goal – not that it mattered.

Shkodran Mustafi – 4

Mustafi’s form has been on downward spiral since the year started and Bayern at home was a perfect demonstration of that. Again, a good first half when everything was going well – he could have even scored – but it looked like he came off with Koscielny. He gifted them two goals.

Laurent Koscielny – 4

Once again we were shown how important Koscielny is to us as a team. He was really good until that few seconds of madness. That penalty wouldn’t be given by some refs (who am I kidding, it was against Arsenal, of course it would be given), and it wouldn’t be a red either. But it was, and he should know better by now and not put himself in that position. The absence of Koscielny showed his importance more than when he was on the pitch.

Nacho Monreal – 5

Same as Mustafi, Nacho’s form has been going down the whole season. He showed some good flashes as he does in every match, but overall it wasn’t a good performance. It’s not all on him, received little-to-no support from Alexis, but he’s experienced player and should be doing much better. He was good going forward.

Granit Xhaka – 6

A good performance by Granit although it wasn’t without a stupid tackle towards the end. You can see that he enjoys being paired with Ramsey more than Coquelin (shocker). Good long passes while the game was still interesting, and no major mistakes defensively. Fell apart along with the rest.

Aaron Ramsey – 6

It was nice seeing Ramsey get a start and he paid us back. A good match for him, although I’m sure he can do better. He created some chances, like the free kick in the first half, and linked up well with Xhaka and the Ox in front of him. Defensively sound as well.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7

The only one working for his paycheck lately. The Ox was running the show against Bayern in his central role with amazing runs and great vision, as well as some pretty impressive take-ons. Full of energy for the whole match he had no real end product. Deserved more.

Theo Walcott – 7

Theo was our only goal scorer and it was a great goal. He could, no, he SHOULD have had more than one goal to his name with some poor misses. An energetic display from Theo who keeps up his good form and shows we were moaning for nothing when he started instead of Lucas.

Alexis Sanchez – 5

Even though the whole team deserves low ratings after the 60th minute or so, Alexis was really poor during whole match. Sure, he ran around with his usual ‘passion’ but he didn’t do anything constructive, and we have every right to expect him to do more. And then that giggle on the bench as the fifth went in – whatever is behind it, it was not okay from him.

Olivier Giroud – 5

He had an okay night, especially when you consider he shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Would Welbeck have done better? Perhaps. Giroud missed some really good chances as he usually does. We could have easily been two or three nil up by the half time if he had been clinical.

Coquelin, Özil, Perez – 4

They all came on at the same time with 20 minutes left at the mark, and nothing to play for anymore. And they looked like that as well.