Neymar: I admire Arsenal, Liverpool (and some others)

Neymar has admitted there are four Premier League teams he admires and, yes, Arsenal are one of them despite being a bit of a laughing stock this season.

“The Premier League is a championship that amazes me,” Neymar said.

“I like the playing style and the teams. And who knows, someday, I would like to play at it, yes.

“I admire Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool — these are the teams that are always there fighting.

Neymar (C) controls the ball as Francis Coquelin watches on admiringly, 2016. / AFP / PAU BARRENA 

“And then you have high-level coaches like Mourinho and Guardiola. These are coaches with whom any player would like to work.”

With 14 goals and 23 assists in 35 appearances across all competitions this season for Barcelona, Neymar would certainly find a home at Arsenal. Of course, that will never, ever happen.

Still, it’s nice for a player to include us like this. Who knows how much longer we will be able to say that.