Lincoln captain wanted Arsenal & hopes Arsenal fans will support Lincoln

Lincoln City’s captain, Luke Waterfall, spoke with the press ahead of his side’s trip to the Emirates.

Admitting that it was a cliche to say that the league was their main focus, Waterfall said this ‘once in a lifetime’ game was the tie they were all hoping for from the third round.

Full of confidence having already made history, Lincoln know that they have absolutely nothing to lose in this match. “It’s one in a thousand to beat Arsenal,” says Waterfall.

Clearly he hasn’t been paying too much attention to Arsenal lately!

I kid, Arsenal should walk this game.

I said ‘should’.

In another interview, Waterfall revealed that manager, Danny Cowley, is hoping to turn the Emirates crowd against Arsenal.

“The gaffer said if we can go there and be in the game after 15 or 20 minutes then the crowd might turn on them and we might have 60,000 supporting us instead of 9,000,” said the defender.

“You never know, it’s one of those situations where they want the manager out so there might be a lot of Arsenal fans going to that game wishing we can get something out of that game to see the end of the manager.

“We’ve got to use it to our advantage. The pressure is massively off us this time, all the pressure is on Arsenal.”

That’s quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve read all week. No true fan ever wants their side to lose, even if they do want the manager out.

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