Following Nigeria’s 1-1 draw against Senegal on Thursday night, Alex Iwobi labelled Arsenal fans as ‘impatient’ and insisted that the team don’t pay attention to banners.

Arsenal’s #WengerOut banner brigade have been out in full force recently, waving their A4 pieces over paper around and paying actual money to have planes fly over the Hawthorns.

Much like the rest of us, Iwobi claims that the team doesn’t really pay them any attention but did point out how fans should have more respect for Wenger.

“They need to have a bit more respect in my opinion,” the forward told Sportsmail.

“I mean, he’s been at the club for 20 years, he’s achieved a lot, obviously they’re a bit impatient with the results and where they want to finish.

“We also want to finish there, we want to win the league like anyone else, I can guarantee we are trying our hardest.

“Whatever happens we are the players, we affect the result. We don’t really look at the banners or what fans are screaming, we focus on trying to do our jobs on the pitch.”

Although it’s difficult to image that the team aren’t letting any of the noise from the fans or media get to them, since they’re only human, Iwobi has the right mindset. While you’re completely free to voice your opinion on whether Wenger should continue at the club or not, you have to acknowledge that the banners and planes are a little embarrassing.

Iwobi played 61 minutes in Nigeria’s friendly against Senegal on Thursday, with another friendly set to take place against Burkina Faso on Monday.