These are dramatic times for Arsenal fans but we are all far too familiar with the story.

The roller coaster ride we are all used to at this time of year is fighting for the top four position. Is it ludicrous to ignore Wenger as the problem and many fans agree. Protesters line up and collect for banners before games.

As repetitive and as stubborn as it may sound, I don’t believe Wenger is the problem.

I think we can all agree that he is an artist when it comes to forming a squad packed with talent, even with his stingy transfer market tactics. His players love and back him at every turn from the microphone.

So what is the problem?

Bellerin himself touched on it recently after the Bayern defeat (I cringe every time). We need attitude and character, the winning mentality we much miss so very much from the Invincibles.

That hunger to come out for three points, not just from kick off but in the midst of the game, in a windy 80th minute at Stoke. We need not just a leader but a group of leaders to pick themselves and the person next to him up after conceding a goal against a big side. We lack an attitude that, no matter the circumstance, we know we can and will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

I was sceptical about keeping Wenger but Leicester has shown me that it’s not the coach that is the problem, they have a janitor as the head coach now (with respect to Shakespeare) and made it to the Champions League quarter finals!

Leicester showed the attitude that won them the league last year. The passion that a lion carries within him to feed and do whatever it takes to capture his prey.

Maybe Arsene is the problem; he spoon feeds his young prodigies and holds his stars hands as they cross the street, which helps them believe they can do no wrong.

So often I think that the players walk out on the pitch believing that talent alone will win them the game.

We are far more talented than Leicester but we lack their (refound) heart and until we discover or release it we will not see our team thrive like it once did.