El Grafico in Chile are reporting that medics with the Chile national team have declared Alexis Sanchez fit to play in their upcoming double-header – based on advice given to them from Arsenal.

The forward, who had to be subbed off at the Hawthornes after a terrible tackle by James McClean was said to have an ankle in a terrible state.

But we all knew it wouldn’t stop him.

No sooner had we lost the game, Alexis was on a plane back to Chile and the media there were already sure he would be fit to play.

And he is.

The Chileans don’t actually seem to have examined Alexis yet but are basing their information on what Arsenal told the Chile doctors.

So what was Wenger going on about? Was he just trying to make a point about a red-card tackle that was punished only with a yellow? Who knows.

Alexis is expected to be evaluated by the Chile doctors today [Monday] before training gets underway.