Per Mertesacker has admitted that it’s a little bit tense over in the Arsenal camp at the moment.

Although the centreback did say this is normal, it’s hardly surprising to hear that there’s a bit of an atmosphere among the ranks at Arsenal. One look at their body language on the pitch and you can only imagine it’s not all sunshine and rainbows behind the scenes either.

“It’s a little bit tense, but that’s normal,” the German said ahead of Arsenal clash with Bayern Munich.

“The team is eager to change. We want to change that situation. We need to focus on the next game. It’s going to be tough.

“We need the fans to back us up if we want to be successful again.

“We need to come back with a stronger performance.”

At the moment, Arsene Wenger’s future at the club is up in the air; Alexis Sanchez, the Gunners’ best player, could leave in the summer; the team’s in terrible form and playing horribly; Arsenal are out of the League club, set to face Bayern Munich with a 5-1 deficit and just lost 3-1 to rivals Liverpool.

Therefore, it’s pretty understandable that the players feel tense.

Hopefully, they can harness that tension and turn things around, although most Gooners wont’ be holding out much hope.

As far as Mertesacker is concerned, the captain is yet to feature this season after knee surgery in the summer.