Spanish paper/site AS are reporting that Barcelona’s Sporting Director, Robert Fernandez, met with the ‘entourage’ of Hector Bellerin.

The report claims that the fullback, who recently signed a new six-year deal with Arsenal, is aware that the Catalans want him to return.

AS say that Barcelona see Bellerin as the ideal player for that position for the next decade and began talking with his people ‘months ago’. This was then followed up by Fernandez travelling himself to speak to Bellerin’s peeps in London. The main problem AS see is the interest of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

They also include Bayern Munich as one of the clubs interested in Bellerin as they seek to replace Philipp Lahm.

Bellerin, for his part, has repeatedly said that if he wanted to play for Barcelona he would have stayed at Barcelona. Plus, you know, he signed that six-year contract.

If only we knew of another former Barcelona youth product who signed a six-year deal with Arsenal amidst speculation of a return, we might have might have some idea of what lies ahead in this saga…