Arsene Wenger met with the press on Thursday morning to talk about this weekend’s FA Cup clash against Lincoln and Twitter had a lot to say.

Wenger revealed that Danny Welbeck, Alex Iwobi and potentially Mesut Ozil could all miss the match due to an illness that appears to be striking our players down in the prime of life.

He also spoke about how he will take the fans’ opinions into account when it comes to making a decision about his future at the club but they’re not the most important factor in whether he stays or not.

The media instantly twisted this to mean that the fans would influence his choice and some didn’t take too kindly to the misinterpretation. Or journos in general, for that matter.

While some will use any excuse to have a pop at the boss.

Others are just wondering what on earth Lucas Perez has to do to get a start!

Wenger also pointed out that in nine years of Champions League football, Arsenal have only been the worst performing English club once… and people were pretty livid. Even Matt Law got involved.