There is a lot of speculation that Arsene Wenger should go next summer, but what kind of future should be envisioned by the club?

We all know what the fans want: spend, spend, spend on four or five world-class players, give them £300,000+ a week wages and guarantee a League win. Otherwise the new manager will be deemed a failure.

There is no doubt that model can be applied on the short-term, although winning trophies is not guaranteed, but the team would certainly be competitive enough with that level of reinforcement.

Saying that it would probably not be sustainable on a long-term basis, because of debt accumulation. But if it bring trophies fans will be happy regardless of the financial situation.

The fans want a winning team, not a team with money in the coffers that do not get used. The majority of the Arsenal fans want the title regardless of the cost and would probably sell their soul to the devil if needs to be.

The next question is about the technical stability of the new coaching staff. Following 20 years of Wenger, will the club carry on with a long-term leadership vision or follow everyone else’s lead and action the guillotine as soon as results start to turn bad?

Will the club give the new coach time to install his philosophy or will he pressed to have instant results like in every other club these days? From there, we can see a trend on the team’s future football philosophy.

If the club wants short-term results, a more pragmatic approach than the current football style might be required, as it is easier to get quick results that way. Having a long-term football philosophy with a plan and a certain football quality needs the clear backing of the board.

So whoever comes in to replace Arsene Wenger will need time to instill his football philosophy and make the necessary changes inside the club. Hopefully, the board will think that way otherwise Arsenal might turn into one of those clubs that use managers and get rid of them like Kleenex tissues.