On Wednesday, there was supposed to be a fan protest for those who are against the Chilean staying at Arsenal.

The protest was set to take place at 10am local time at Plaza Baquedano (Santiago, Chile) but was pushed back to the evening so the group could get more media attention.

As you can see, the ‘protest’ didn’t exactly go to plan and only about five people showed up despite 14,000 clicking ‘attend’ on the Facebook group. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

It seems that not that many people are actually bothered whether Alexis stays at Arsenal or not. Strange. In fact, this turnout was worse than Donald Trump’s inauguration! And that’s saying something.

Convocatoria a la marcha para que Alexis Sánchez se vaya del Arsenal: 5 personas 👌

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The person in charge of the Facebook event page has now changed the ‘details’ of the protest to, “Alexis esta triste, llegaron 8 personas ! Vamos a revertir la situación…”

Which roughly translates as, “Alexis is sad, 8 people arrived! Let’s reverse the situation…”

While fans at the protest itself claimed they had let Alexis down.