Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain believes it’s time to change – the music in the Arsenal dressing room.

On the back of reports that he is unhappy at Arsenal and wants to leave in the summer (it’s no coincidence these rumours are coming up now as he approaches the last year of his contract) the Ox spoke in his role as the Arsenal dressing room DJ.

Speaking to the Daily Star, who clearly couldn’t think of anything better to ask him, the Ox revealed that he’s going to have to Little Mix it up a bit when it comes to dressing room entertainment. His girlfriend is, after all, helping him to fulfil his DJing ambitions.

“You get 25 games in and you’re listening to the same songs over and over, then things start to get a bit tedious,” he said.

“It’s time to change. I’m always trying to keep things fresh for the boys by listening out for new songs and adding them into my playlists.”

Despite the reports that he’s unhappy I’d be very surprised if the Ox didn’t sign a new deal at the club. He has shown a strong affection for Arsenal since he arrived as a teenager from Southampton.

The Ox has often been one of a very small group of current players to show any real interest in the history of the club. He was reportedly the only member of the current squad to go to the launch of the Invincibles film, for instance.

“I was at the premiere of the Invincibles documentary the other day and was listening to legends like Martin Keown and Thierry Henry talking about how they had no fear going into those games,” he said back in March, 2015.

“They had no doubt they were going to get the right result. That’s clearly the kind of attitude that you need to take into those big games.

“You have to believe in yourself, go there with no fear, be 100 per cent confident in yourself and go to get the result we are capable of getting.”

Speaking in October he revealed he would address his future in the summer if he wasn’t playing regularly.