Football agent, Esteve Calzada, believes that Arsenal are one step behind Manchester United.

Calzada has been the CEO of Prime Time Sport for almost a decade, as well as former Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer for Barcelona and the Senior Advisor for Manchester City. He knows the industry well and recently, when talking about Antoine Griezmann’s potential move to the Premier League, he pointed out how in terms of branding, United are still ahead of Arsenal.

“After what happened recently [against Bayern Munich in the Champions League], there is more and more talk about Arsenal not being a winning team anymore,” he said.

“It has been a long time with no [big] trophies. It is a very popular club, of course, but United is a different animal. Even without being successful lately, they keep on growing their commercial revenues, as the brand is so strong. Arsenal definitely one step behind United in terms of size, and in terms of potential that he can realise.”

United currently sit a point behind Arsenal in the Premier League and are still in the Europa League. After winning the League Cup and getting knocked out of the FA Cup by Chelsea, they only have the two competitions to concentrate on and you can imagine that Jose Mourinho’s team will now push on in both.

It’s hard to argue against Calzada. Despite not enjoying the best form since Sir Alex Ferguson left, United can still attract the biggest players because they’re a huge brand. They have money and the a name which still carries weight. Arguably more than Arsenal’s.