Arsene Wenger brought Alexis Sanchez on with Arsenal winning 2-0 and it seemed like he didn’t really have to.

The Chilean came on to the Gander Green Lane pitch and most Arsenal fans expected something catastrophic to happen to him given the problems a 3G pitch can cause (that Wenger was more than aware of).

But speaking to reporters after the game, Wenger admitted that he didn’t believe it was a risk at all. We mere mortals easily forget that Alexis isn’t human.

“He is a guy who has a strong body,” Wenger said. “I think on this pitch it is the guy who does not have good co-ordination, who is heavy on his feet, who is in trouble. Alexis is more a guy who has very good co-ordination, he is light on his feet. I don’t think it was a risk”

Arsenal did manage to lose one player on the night – Mohamed Elney – who was replaced by the Ox at halftime after picking up a calf problem. Was it caused by the pitch? A poor tackle? Or simply a recurrence of the calf problem he suffered at the AFCON?

Most likely a combination of all three.

At the time of writing, there has been no update on his status.