Arsene Wenger has apparently been ‘warned’ not to take any chances with Hector Bellerin on Saturday.

After being knocked out by Marcos Alonso’s ‘fair’ elbow on Saturday during Arsenal’s 3-1 loss against Chelsea, Bellerin is understandably being looked after and recovering at home with the results of the MRI scans reportedly meant to come in on Friday, the day before our next game.

The usual rest period following a concussion is 14 days, as advised by the FA, which means that Bellerin COULD miss our clash against Bayern Munich next Tuesday and it almost definitely means he won’t feature against Hull on Saturday and rightly so.

The Daily Mail claim that Arsenal have been warned against playing the right-back on Saturday, since it could cause further problems, although I highly doubt Arsenal need ‘warning’ (who’s warning them anyway?) considering we’re still carrying out tests.

As much as Wenger can be criticised for overplaying certain players or allowing them to get their way when they should perhaps be rested, he wouldn’t risk someone’s actual health for the sake of having another first team body on the pitch.