Kelly Smith is simply the best English women’s player of all time and surely in the all time top 5 of women’s football players across the history of the global game.

In the video above, Arsenal have produced a fine tribute to a true Arsenal legend.

Smith was the equivalent of Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry and Robert Pires morphed into one one single player.

She was the ultimate number 10, something that is rarely found in the English game. She had the same technical ability as Zizou, the same percussion quality to go past opponents like Le Bob and the same pace and calmness to finish in front of the goal as Titi.

A genius of the game, she could see and do things that other players could only dream of doing like scoring from 50 yards as she did at the 2009 Euros and back in the FA WPL.

She could read the game like no one else and quarterback attacks from midfield or alternatively play up front on her own and do damage to the defences.