Sutton United got away with quite a few bad tackles against Arsenal on Monday night but one of their players seemed to try to HEADBUTT Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to stop him going on a run.

With the BBC pundits finding it hilarious that Sutton were putting in shin-high flying tackles and the commentators happy to see them get away with it because of the ‘circumstances’ the only surprise is that an Arsenal player wasn’t seriously injured.

It was yet another match when Granit Xhaka must be wondering just what on earth he’s done to the officials in this country to deserve the cards he gets. All around him he watches others make worse fouls with no consequences and at Sutton it was no different.

But this. This was something else.

You might need to watch it a few times to see it, but when you do, there’s no denying – he actually tried to headbutt him!

No doubt the BBC would have simply dismissed this as well. Had they even noticed, of course.