The only thing that I really remember Theo Walcott doing against Hull on Saturday was starting a fight with Harry Maguire.

You’ve got to love Theo running in and getting into a fight with a lad about 3x his size, picking up his first yellow card in three years in the process. It was amusing albeit silly since no one ran over to stop him (where was Kos?) and he could have gotten sent off but hey-ho.

The forward had two shots on goal, only one of which was on target and only made 12/15 passes. FIFTEEN. That’s 15 in the 69 minutes he was on the pitch.

To put this into perspective, even Petr Cech attempted 22.

Theo’s passmap looks disturbingly bare and although he’s not exactly known for being a passmaster, to only have touched the ball 25 times during the entire game is an issue. How’s he supposed to score or assist if he can’t get the ball?

What’s more is the type of passes he was making. No crosses into the box at all; no through balls. It’s as if he sometimes forgets how useful his speed can be when he’s on the wing.

The England international created no chances, won 2/4 take-ons, got an elbow to the face and generally had very, very little influence on the game.

A forgettable performance from Theo.

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