Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain recently hailed player of the month, Olivier Giroud’s, scorpion kick against Crystal Palace.

The France international won the player of the month poll by a considerable 60.4% of the votes, most likely because of THAT scorpion kick against Crystal Palace in New Years Day. However, Giroud wasn’t just amazing because of that goal. He also scored against Bournemouth and assisted twice during the same match; if it hadn’t been for him, we wouldn’t have even salvaged a point during the 3-3 draw.

After that, he saved us again by scoring in the final minute of Arsenal’s FA Cup clash away to Preston, before scoring against Swansea a week later.

Speaking recently, the Ox pointed out how the scorpion kick against Palace was the sort of goal you only see once every five years or so.

“He does try things like that quite often,” he said. “I’ve seen him over the years do a lot of finishes like that. I remember one away at Crystal Palace, the volley where it was kind of behind him. To be fair there’s been quite a few goals, even his volley at Sunderland away this season.

“He pulls off a lot of goals where the ball’s in an awkward position and he manages to wrap his foot around it and finish it off and that one was just ridiculous, the scorpion kick. He proves that he has finishes like that in his locker and that’s the best one I’ve ever seen.”

Well done, Giroud.

Alexis Sanchez came second with 27.8% of the votes and Alex Iwobi came third with 7.3%.