Arsene Wenger’s brother, Guy, has been speaking to the Mirror about the manager’s future, begging the immediate question – why the hell are the Mirror speaking to Wenger’s family members?

You get the sense from his comments that Arsene and Guy are not the closest of siblings, but this isn’t true. The pair usually speak after each game, Guy visits Arsene in north London frequently and the pair go running regularly when Arsene is back home in Alsace.

Given what Guy actually says, it seems unlikely that he phoned up the Mirror to offer to tell them a whole lot of nothing.

So, if Guy didn’t contact the Mirror, that means they must have contacted him, right? The other alternative is that they took Guy’s comments from somewhere else, without attribution.

I could understand contacting Guy them if he was someone who had willingly put himself forward as a pundit over the course of his brother’s career. But he hasn’t. In fact, the first time he spoke to the press about his younger brother was towards the end of 2016.

via Telegraph

“I feel sympathy for Arsene. The situation is not good for him,” Guy told the tabloid.

“But it is his problem, not mine.

“I was not in Munich for the match, I watched on television.

“I don’t know if Arsenal can come back now.”

I assume from that last comment he is talking about the Champions League tie, although this is not clarified by the Mirror.

Imagine phoning him now to ask about all this!